An award-winning comedy about real life (or a drama with some very funny bits). A contemporary play about two men — Avram, an 84-year-old Russian immigrant, and his great-nephew, Harry and their sometimes turbulent relationship.
Playwright Joseph Reed Hayes captured the essence of the Jewish spirit in A Little Crazy, a beautifully written and acted drama that was among the best of the 28 shows I saw." - Orlando Weekly

Every family has an Uncle Avram — the holder of the secrets, the storyteller, the heart. Audiences connect with A Little Crazy on many levels, whether it's the memory of a distant relative or the echo of a half-forgotten story. They laugh (a lot), and they cry, renewed in the idea that one generation can connect with another, and that regardless of the accent, words can change lives.

The inaugural performance of the House Theater Project, Crazy was Joseph Hayes' first produced play in 2002 and, ten years later, became the first play in Orlando performed in a living room setting, with the audience mere inches away from the actors, and streamed live to a worldwide audience using state-of-the-art portable technology.


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      "Jewish humour is unique and special. Jewish families are always larger than life, driving you crazy but staying in your heart. Jewish writing can make you laugh and make you cry, but most of all it can make you think. This play by Joseph Reed Hayes and performed by Toshik Bukowiecki and Michael Rodgers, is all of these things; a wonderful 75 minutes of pure theatre, sending you out chuckling and pondering. No crude language, just pure unadulterated entertainment which you won’t want to miss. 5 stars (out of 5)"

    • Joseph Hayes' House Theater Project to be staged this weekend

      "United Arts of Central Florida makes annual grants to local artists who 'strengthen artistic excellence' in Central Florida. In 2012, local playwright (and former OW dining critic) Joseph Hayes received $2,400 for his House Theater Project, a theatrical-technological hybrid that brings live performances from Hayes’ home to the worldwide web – it doesn’t get much more local than the artist’s own couch. Hayes will stage A Little Crazy, his 2002 play about an elderly Jewish man sharing tales of the past with his nephew in the small time he has left before death (a comedy!) in front of the Collabracam, a breakthrough bit of tech that leashes together multiple cameras and an iPad to make a performance available in real time to anyone with an Internet connection. Earlier this year, United Arts said House Theater Project would 'expand the definition of live performance'; a decade ago, our theater critic Steve Schneider called A Little Crazy 'beautifully written.' To further heighten the contrast between local and global, live audience members will be seated right on the set, and three of the four shows will include refreshments – one show will be catered by Big Wheel’s Tony Adams, one by Sweet! cupcake mogul Hollis Wilder and one by the playwright himself."

    • A Little Crazy

      "Writer Joseph Reed Hayes has two nuggets of gold in A Little Crazy, a quiet little two-man comedy inspired by memories of his Russian Jewish grandfather. One is the character of Avram Mordecai Saltzman, who brings back to life the entire generation of immigrants who came to this country with the ways of the old country firmly entrenched. And the other is Orlando actor Paul Wegman, who turns Avram into a charmer who deserves many long and happy days. Hayes' work is appealing and sometimes downright lyrical. And Wegman makes it dance."

    • That the [Eyewitness Theatre] reading was such a success considering its very American and particularly Jewish themes and humour is in no small part owing to the writing's lyrical structure. The actors found it delightfully challenging to work with. The dialogue was both native and universal at the same time and what impressed me most of all about the script was the way its message had an appeal to a wide audience crossing age and cultural boundaries with consummate ease." — Peter McGarry, Artistic Director, Eyewitness Theatre, Manchester England


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